Hi there. My name's Danielle Veronica but people call me Dani or Danica. I am a 20-year old, dog obsessed human. Also, I'm an ESTP and an Aries so take what you want to get from that. I like to watch different TV series' and YouTube videos. I also like makeup and fashion. My style is usually laid-back but of course, cute ♡ 

If you're here reading this, you're either a stalker or a close friend of mine because I am keeping this site on the lowkey for now. The contents of this blog would be whatever that goes through my head. These would be whatever's up with my life, stuff I'm enjoying, music I'm listening to, and whatnot. I want this blog to serve as an outlet for me to be creative and a place for me to practice putting my thoughts into words. Let's all cross our fingers and hope that I'd be consistent with this.

Alright, that's all for now. 

See ya,