New Year's Resolutions

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Resolutions are great. Not only does it make us feel very inspired to do things but it also makes us realise things we want to change or start for the better. Although it's inevitable for the list to look just like the previous resolutions we made last January, it’s absolutely A-okay to make a brand new one. I made mine already and I hope I actually make a good change.

First goal on my list is to become a more confident person. They say, “confidence is key” but I have absolutely no idea on how to be a more confident me. However, this time, I want to actually practice and slowly learn how to finally be the confident person that I really want to become. Maybe I’ll fake it till I make it for a while.

Second is the notorious goal in every resolution— to eat healthier. I feel like the holiday season makes everyone feel v food deprived for some reason. With the dinner parties, Noche Buena/Meja Noche, and other holiday treats going on this season— they're just too much!! So with it ending, we can all go back to our regular slash healthier diet. Yay?

With the main two said, here are the little things I want to try to accomplish this year.

  1. I want to be more serious in studying. My first semester was a disaster. I nearly failed all my subjects, I had so many absences in every subject— I was a mess! This year slash 2nd semester, I want to actually try to be a better and a proactive student. This is tough.
  2. I want to be able to save money. Saving money is always a struggle of mine. I have no clue how I can manage to spend so much money on random things. I have got to stop-- I am the living Rebecca Bloomwood!!!
  3. I want to write more and be inspired more often. I like to write but finding the inspiration to is a bit difficult for me. This year, I hope to find more or better yet, new things I can write and talk about.
  4. I want to be able to start something and actually finish it. I hate that I’m lazy so I’m really gonna try and change that.
  5. Be more mindful and careful. This goes to everything— people, things, everything!! I want to be more careful in how I talk, how I handle gadgets and etc. I learned my lesson when my phone gave up on me.
  6. I want to be more positive. Sometimes, I tend to sound like a negative human and that is not good. I hope my inner Elle Woods finally release itself. Remember: The glass is half full not the other way around!!!
  7. Last but not the least, I’d like to be a little less carefree and actually show feelings. I’ve been told that I don’t show emotions that much or I don’t feel things and that I’m actually a rock or a robot. I’ve also been told that I have the ever-so-famous resting bitch face or R.B.F by my friends. Um, I kinda want to change that.  Fun fact: caring less was a resolution of mine years ago and it stuck to me and I don’t know how to show shit now haha
Hopefully, these goals last and actually stay with my whole being. Sooo, those are my resolutions for the upcoming year. I hope I’m not just saying these things and regret. Good luck to everyone! I wish you all a very happy new year!

Thanks for stopping by! Take care!

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  1. I like your choice in new year's resolutions, I feel ya! Good luck with them! By the way, I really like your blog. Keep up the good work!
    xx Brittany -

    1. Hi Brittany! Sorry for the late reply but thank you so much! Your blog is really cute, I like it too x