Saturday, July 16, 2016

Matte In Detail Liquid Lipstick Review

Hi there!

So, I just recently discovered this liquid lipstick called Matte In Detail. These caught my attention because they had shades looked like the ones I wear. Plus, it's really affordable! I read that this was a local brand so ya'kno we gotta support each other! :) I'm going to review these today so here it goes!

I got mine from BeautyMNL but you can also get it on Cosmetix Unlimited (their distributor). These liquid lipsticks were really cheap. These retail for 225 pesos but it was on sale so I got mine for only 158 each! I wasn't expecting much but I knew I wanted to try it out. I only got a few shades to test them out and see if it's nice.

Their boxes are just like these
These are the shades I got. They come with a regular doe-foot wand applicator.
As you can see, Asia is this bright red-orange color. I find this color really gorgeous however, it is sliiightly streaky. I personally like putting on a brown or purple-y brown lipliner under the liquid lipstick for that muted red-orange shade. 

Loth is kind of like a brown-ish shade with a hint of red. This color is actually really pretty. It does not apply patchy at all and it's also really pigmented. I feel like this shade looks good on every skin tone.

Krysle is this brown/nude with a slight yellow undertone. I feel like this is a perfect nude for those with a medium skin. But I also think that this will look good on anyone!

Jhen is kind of a peachy-nude. I honestly don't really like peachy shades on me because I think it washes me out so I didn't enjoy this as much. However, this is pigmented when applied and it's not that patchy.

Here are the swatches:
A lil side note: I have a neutral undertone and the shades look like this on me. You should probably take note that these can look different on other undertones.

So, here are the swatches. I have a neutral undertone with medium skin. (For some reason, Asia won't focus. Sorry about that.)

When I first got them I thought they were gonna be a little bigger but these just contain 4.2g. The packaging and size are actually really handy since it won't take up a lot of space.

I noticed that the shades are really pigmented. They are also smooth on application. The only downside I can find is that Asia applies a liiitle patchy but it's not that bothering to me. These liquid lipsticks will take about a minute or two to completely dry to a powdery finish. Remember: Please do not put your lips together while it's drying to avoid nasty cracks!! 

I put on Asia to test the longevity out. The liquid lipstick feels very tight and powder-y at first. Then I got used to it and didn't mind the feeling at all. As for the longevity, I'm happy to report that this will stay on your lips for hours! It's kiss proof, smudge proof, and water proof. Although after eating, I noticed that the inner part started cracking. So that's that. 

Overall, these liquid lipsticks are great if you're on a budget or just looking for cheap alternatives on those pricier liquid lipsticks. I personally think that for the price, these are actually really nice. Please take not that like all liquid lipsticks, these will definitely dry out your lips so make sure to exfoliate beforehand.


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